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  • Tapered Rock Bit
    Can go 20000 meters underground drill "wave" is a kind of technology?To the drilling depth, one of the most famous is that Soviet cora ultra deep drilling, the depth of 12262 meters. As the decades passed, the deepest drilling depth is still no more than 13000 meters, cora ultra deep drilling is one of the world's deepest drilling depth. 13000 meters depth is difficult to breakthrough,...
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  • dth button bits
    Damage to equipment hydraulic dth button bits components (70%) is due to the hydraulic oil pollution. Therefore, maintain the cleanness of the hydraulic system, regular replacement of hydraulic oil and hydraulic oil filter is the essential means to ensure the safety of equipment hydraulic system work. Hydraulic oil plays a role in the working process of the rotating drill mainly...
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  • Borehole Drill Bits
    Drilling equipment, drilling method (drilling) technology, the drilling quality and measurement, drilling, washing and plugging and protecting, accident prevention and handling, production management, airport security technology, knowledge, basic Borehole Drill Bits knowledge of mechanical, electrical, mechanical processing and repair knowledge knowledge, basic knowledge of geology,...
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  • dth drilling hammer
    Core drilling process of production: 1, the drilling process is starting dth drilling hammer from the flat ground, until after the final hole drilling equipment to remove the whole process. It includes the number of the fixed - flat and build a foundation to install drilling equipment and accessories, installation acceptance to the preparing work before opening, opening and the...
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  • dhd drill bit
    Geological core drilling purpose: taken dhd drill bit from underground rock cores. Through the analysis of rock cores research, observation, identification and tests, can be intuitive understanding of ore body thickness, buried depth, occurrence, distribution, mineral composition, ore grade, chemical composition, physical and mechanical properties of ore and rock and structure, etc....
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  • Mining Drilling Equipment
    The basic concept of drilling1, drilling: use a drill according Mining Drilling Equipment to certain Angle and direction to the underground drilling design, out through the hole of the core and cuttings or under the hole into the testing instruments, with proven underground mineral reserves, know the structure of stratum, rock properties and meet the requirements of other engineering...
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