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  • Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer
    Choose 5 to 8 cm long, with axillary bud 2-3 full varieties of branches as the scion; The bottom of the scion cutting into the wedge Angle of 30 °, the top horizontal work-pieces. Section in the root stock cotyledon, will be at the top Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer of the transverse shear, the base of longitudinal split the root stock. Embedding a scion of incision, make the...
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  • Quillaja Saponin
    Theobromine powder xi, born in warm and humid climate and rich in organic matter on the gentle slope, which is formed by the alluvial soil on the impeded drainage and heavy clay or often affected by the typhoon hit the place Quillaja Saponin is not suitable for growth. Xi Yang, but the seedling period cannot accept sun exposure. The original home of most of the copy of the average...
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  • D BHB Factory
    Theobromine powder (scientific name: Theobroma cacao l.) is sterculiaceae, theobromine powder belongs to the evergreen trees, up to 12 meters, crown flourish; Bark thick, dark brown; Leaves shortstipitate, long elliptic to pour egg shape D BHB Factory oval oblong; Flowers arranged in cyme, of 18 mm in diam. Drupe elliptic or oblong, the surface light green at first, after become a...
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  • Nonoxynol 9 Factory
    Exist in the plant kingdom with polycyclic compounds Nonoxynol 9 Factory is the floorboard of the glycoside of ligands. Ligands is called saponins ligands, the composition of sugar is usually d-glucose, D - galactose, L arabinose, but there are also such as methyl pentose and furfural acid as sugar. Most saponins is amorphous powder, soluble in methanol, hot water dilute ethanol,...
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  • S Adenosyl Methionine
    Soil leaching technology, with its governance effect is stable, strong operability, etc, has become a research focus in the contaminated soil restoration. C biosurfactant to its advantages of low toxicity, easy biodegradation was chosen S Adenosyl Methionine for drench lotion, widely used in organic matter in soil, removal of heavy metals and radionuclides. The existing research...
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  • Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer
    According to the molecular structure of known, saponins can be divided into two categories, the category of steroidal saponins, another kind of triterpenoid saponins. Saponins are mostly white or milky white amorphous powder, a few for crystal, taste Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer bitter and spicy, the mucosa stimulating. Saponins can generally be soluble in water, methanol and dilute...
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