Drilling equipment, drilling method (drilling) technology, the drilling quality and measurement, drilling, washing and plugging and protecting, accident prevention and handling, production management, airport security technology, knowledge, basic Borehole Drill Bits knowledge of mechanical, electrical, mechanical processing and repair knowledge knowledge, basic knowledge of geology, ore deposit), etc.
Rock drillability
1, the concept of rock drillability: under the condition of a certain technology, composite indicator reflects the degree of drilling rock. The general rate of penetration (m/h, m/s) as the drillability index.
2, the classification of rock drillability original geology section 1958 frequency of rock drillability classification table of diamond core drilling issued by the ministry in 1984 and drillability classification table are divides DHD Drill bit into the rock drillability grade 12.
3, grade four class divided into ten secondary: soft - rather a drillability grade 1 ~ 3; In hard - quite a drillability grade 4 ~ 6; Hard - quite a drillability grade 7 ~ 9; Hard - quite a drillability grade 10 ~ 12.
Knowledge of borehole diameter
Description: DCDMA standard is the diamond drill manufacturers association.
Seven, the characteristics of the drilling production
1, "small, solid, the whole". Small - the organizational structure, geological prospecting units is the most basic administrative units; Solid - the most specific, most really; Full - refers to the drilling production dth hammer bit management is very comprehensive.
2, the drilling construction services mainly to the national basic construction.
3, work object is rock. Due to the rocks and stratum structure is protean, so its construction technology, technical specifications, it is difficult to achieve standardization production, high drilling efficiency is affected by drilling rock drillability.
4, drilling production in the field construction, work flow dispersion, production conditions and living conditions.