Mobile shelves in the storage warehouse according to the customer needs to be horizontal and vertical movement, so reasonable use warehouse storage space. Mobile racking structure can be flexible according to the direction of the width of the warehouse is divided into several rows, each row in each row in the middle can move back and forth and open a roadway by mobile rack, stacker, forklift or other handling mechanical handling of goods. Each row of shelves and running along the storage warehouse is divided into several columns, divided into several layers in the vertical direction, thus forming heavy duty racking system a large number of storage warehouse shelves, thus to store a lot of shelves. Mobile racking adapted to the various types of goods, can according to the requirements of the goods size, size adjustment of beam height, which can maximize the use of storage space. Mobile racking has great capacity of bearing, not changeful form, reliable connection, easy tear open outfit, the characteristics of diversification. When mobile racking deposited in the goods again, mutual extrusion, material loss is small, avoid the goods in the store link loss; Cargo access is convenient, can be first in first out, one hundred percent selection ability, fluent inventory turnover. Mobile racking structure can make full use of warehouse space, improve the utilization rate of warehouse capacity to expand the warehouse storage capacity. Mobile racking played a big role in the development of modern industry, with the development of industrial technology, mobile shelves on the structure and function are also constantly ascension.
Storage shelves as essential hardware devices in modern warehousing system, its importance is self-evident. As a basic equipment in modern warehousing, quality must be up to standard. When it's done finished product storage shelves is need to the corresponding warehouse site for installation, can be put into use. So how do you ensure shelves in the process of transportation is in good condition?
Storage shelves before delivery of the packing in advance
Generally finish after the last procedure in storage shelves, shelves for a simple packaging processing. Such as the shelves with wrap film and bubble wrap parts classification, wrapped by steppenwolf, convenient access. There are also part of the shelf will directly using corrugated carton packaging alone, and the shelves of the fringes area using foam pad for secondary packaging, to prevent the occurrence of knock radio shuttle racking against in the course of carriage. After packing steps described above, can effectively reduce the storage shelves the breakage problem in transportation.