Main ingredients for Fe3O4, namely four oxidation three coltan ore processing, each has two + 3 valence Fe3O4 molecules coltan ore processing of atoms and a 1 + 2 price coltan ore processing atoms, namely Fe2O3 FeO, oxygen - 2 price, in chrome washing machine which the mass fraction of Fe is about 72.3597945571%. The cubic system. Single crystal is octahedron, less rhombic dodecahedron. In the diamond on page 12 decent, long diagonal direction often now. Collection is more dense and lump. Color for coltan ore processing black, black streaks, semi metallic luster, opaque. Hardness is 5.5 ~ 6.5. The proportion of 4.9 ~ 5.2. Has strong magnetism.
Magnetic coltan ore processing ore in a number of Ti4 + with class quality, and the like instead of Fe3 +, was accompanied by a magnesium 2 + and V3 + accordingly instead of Fe2 + and Fe3 +, thus forming some mineral subspecies, namely:
Coltan ore processing ore
(1) titanium magnetic coltan ore processing ore gold CIP machine Fe2 + (2 + x) Fe3 + 2 x (2 -) TixO4 (0 < x < 1), including TiO212 % ~ 16%. Under normal temperature, titanium from which separated into titanium plate and columnar coltan ore processing titanium ore and cloth striate coltan ore processing SPAR.
(2) magnetic coltan vanadium ore processing ore FeV2O4 or Fe2 + (Fe3 + V), m1 containing V2O5 sometimes as high as 68.41% ~ 72.04%.
(3) vanadium titanium magnetic coltan Carbon in Pulp ore mineral processing for composition is more complicated of the above two kinds of solid solution of mineral products.
(4) cr magnetic coltan ore processing ore containing Cr2O3 can amount to a few percent.
(5) magnesium magnetic coltan ore processing ore containing MgO style can amount to 6.01%.
Magnetic coltan ore processing is ore magma genesis coltan ore processing, contact metasomatic deposit hydrothermal coltan ore processing deposits, sedimentary metamorphic coltan ore processing deposits, as well as a series of related to volcanism coltan ore processing ore deposit in coltan ore processing major ore minerals. In addition, also found in placer deposit. Magnetic coltan ore processing can be converted into red coltan ore oxidized ore processing ore (false red coltan ore processing ore and brown coltan ore processing), but still can maintain its original crystal shape.