According to the molecular structure of known, saponins can be divided into two categories, the category of steroidal saponins, another kind of triterpenoid saponins. Saponins are mostly white or milky white amorphous powder, a few for crystal, taste Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer bitter and spicy, the mucosa stimulating. Saponins can generally be soluble in water, methanol and dilute ethanol, soluble in hot water, methanol and hot ethanol, not soluble in ether, chloroform and benzene. Saponins is very strong surfactant, even highly diluted can form soap. Saponins a stimulating effect on the heart; The hemolytic agent is very strong. Often found in foxglove, continous ZaoEr and some leguminous crops. Saponin is a kind of structure more complex components, the saponin and sugar, uronic acid, or other organic acids. Saponin exist widely in plant kingdom, in monocotyledon and dicotyledon. More and more reports of saponin poisoning. Such as kidney bean is also called the green beans, it is a common food in our country, the improper consumption of kidney bean often causes poisoning phenomenon, it is associated with kidney bean contains various of nutrients, saponin is one of nutriment.
This product is mainly used as pharmaceutical Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer raw materials, manufacturing cortisol, testosterone, progesterone and oral contraceptives, such as the raw material of two kinds of steroid hormones. Can also be used for making detergent, emulsifier, foaming agent, preservative, etc. Will ChuanDe dragon, turmeric, such as raw material after water immersion, yam saponins of instant, will be pressurized immersion in the presence of sulfuric acid hydrolysis, by neutralization, washing and drying. Using 120 # gasoline extraction, then through crystallization, centrifugal filtration, drying for a quick finished products.
Traditional production technology of extracting diosgenin from d.zingiberensis wight is direct acid hydrolysis, has been in use for over 30 years, there are some problems as follows: 1) raw material turmeric directly when hydrolyzed hydrolysis is not complete, the presence of large amounts of cellulose and starch hydrolysis of interference, low output saponin content in dry matter of semi-finished products, and saponin yield is low;
2) raw material by hydrolysis after repeated Berberine Hydrochloride Factory washing with water directly, water consumption, especially in the semi-finished products in the process of water erosion is serious;
3) finished drying in the process of volatile solvent gasoline direct emptying, not safe, and cause waste;
4) wastewater is large, a large amount of by-product Thyroid Powder Factory didn't get to use, environmental pollution is serious, it is difficult to conventional treatments. Therefore, our country in shaanxi, sichuan, yunnan, hunan, guizhou saponin factories were shut down, etc.